Sage 300 2020 Release Notes

Sage 300 Version 2020 is now available. This new release includes updates to Sage 300cloud web screens, Sage 300 Classic screens, Sage CRM integration improvements, and more. Here’s a closer look at enhancements in the latest version.

What’s new in Sage 300 2020

This section contains a summary of new features and changes in the 2020 release.

Sage 300cloud web screens improvements

This release includes the option to install Sage 300cloud web screens: modernized versions of Sage 300 screens that you can use in a web browser.

Web screens run in parallel with the classic Sage 300 desktop screens, so there’s no need to choose between desktop or web. Everyone in your organization can use the interface that best suits their needs, while working seamlessly with a single shared set of company data.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in Sage 300cloud web screens:

  • New Payroll Employee Timecards web screen. The Payroll Employee Timecards screen is now available in web screens, allowing you to enter and manage employee timecards.
  • Run Sage 300cloud in Multiple Browser Tabs. You can now run Sage 300cloud in multiple browser tabs or windows at the same time.
  • Improved support for French and Spanish languages. French and Spanish characters can now be entered in all fields in web screens. (Previously, some fields did not support this.)

To learn more about new web screens and features available in this release, see the following documentation and resources:

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