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Technical Support

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IT Approach

Technology is fundamentally changing how businesses operate and the way in which individuals work. In fact, business and technology are becoming so

IT Support

Technology has become the accelerant of modern businesses, but the capability of technology cannot be harnessed without the

Benefits of our IT support services

  • Provide scale and flexibility to your business 24/7
  • Solutions to suit your requirements
  • Enhance end-user experience
  • Access expertise, resource and service management tools
  • Replace variable capital and opex with a predictable monthly cost
  • Minimize downtime & increase productivity
  • Create a platform for growth
  • Improved service reporting and contracted SLAs

Businesses used to have two choices – in source or outsource. However, the rigidity of these service offerings doesn’t always suit the fast-paced, ever-changing world in which mid-market companies exist.

With technology and applications playing an integral part in a mid-market businesses success, having the right IT support model in place is fundamental. You need to be able to provide a consistent service to end-users, whilst being able to flex and scale in order to compete – often resulting in a more complex IT support model.

Services to suit all your requirements

Our first line support services are designed for companies just like yours, with flexibility around how, when and where you need us. We can add capacity to your existing service desk or manage the whole lot for you. It entirely depends on your requirements.

24/7 IT support

In today’s modern workplace, you need to support your users and ensure they can access their applications, services and data from any device, in any location, around the clock. Does your team have the resources to manage incoming IT service requests throughout the increasing working day and beyond?

Managing the desk is an important part of IT operations but as a busy team you have to strike the right balance between managing the mass of business as usual and delivering innovative new services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Ideal for companies with 100-1000 employees, our managed services enable you to pass the support and management of your end users to IT One, to a defined SLA. This allows your team to focus on managing the core environment and initiatives that have the biggest impact to your business.

Technology has become the accelerant of modern businesses, and most companies have plans to digitally transform. However, looking after business as usual takes a surprising amount of time away from your IT department’s objectives.

We can take on the management of your internal IT service desk, using your existing toolsets and metrics for continued and uninterrupted support – enabling your team to focus on the innovative projects and initiatives that will drive your business forward.

If your company operates 24/7, or your expanding internationally, you may want one team taking care of your users – day and night. Using one company for your IT service desk support often results in a cleaner hand-over, is more efficient and easier to manage.

Our out of hours service operates like your trusted day time IT service but at night. It is a cost-effective alternative to providing and paying for your own night time cover. Sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that customers and business-critical systems are fully supported at all times.

Your people are your most important asset; they demand a responsive, capable service desk to allow them to maximise their productivity. 

The service desk is key to the request fulfilment and incident management process. Our UK-based service centres operate 24x7x365, serving clients both in the UK and globally, from 1st line to 2nd and 3rd line.

ServiceNow is core to Acora’s service delivery and is the industry leading IT Service Management platform. It provides our service desk with the best tool to react and resolve client issues as fast as possible.

A sudden increase in service desk tickets, staff churn, and absences often result in lower resolution rates, and it won’t take long for your end-users to start grumbling. Add in management distractions and the difficulty in recruiting the right skills, and suddenly, you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

Keeping up with end-user demands can be difficult, especially when you’re temporarily under-resourced.

That’s where we can help.

Our flexible, remote service provides dedicated IT support professionals on an ad-hoc basis. They’ll happily use your tools and quickly learn about your business so they can jump in and lend a helping hand. We’ll manage the transition and the resource, lightening the load for you and your internal team – quickly, easily and on a temporary basis.

Our Service Desk Boost offering is fulfilled from our team of over 150 fully trained and experienced professionals, they’ll be based in one of our four UK service centres. We’ll ensure the connection to your service desk is completely secure too, and we can replicate your environment precisely, this includes using your tools to record information.

Our team will handle an agreed number of tickets during requested work hours, effectively becoming an extension of your existing team. Access to our resource also means you can increase or decrease the number of tickets required over time.

We recommend that our service desk team spend some time with you onsite and meet some of the existing team. This ensures they understand your business and get to know your employees, creating a happier and more efficient work environment all around.

Our priority is always customer service, and we’ll monitor the quality of telephone response and ticket handling to ensure we match or surpass the performance metrics delivered by your internal team.

  • Rapidly clear unresolved tickets
  • Suspend lengthy recruitment & training processes
  • Backfill absences or project workloads

Our service is designed to be flexible and cost-competitive and will result in an immediate and measurable improvement to service desk performance.

Typically, a 90-day rolling contract, it’s similar to the time required to recruit and train new in-house analysts. However, this is a resource you can deploy and retract when required. Resulting in long-term cost savings and scalability. Additionally, the resource is managed by Acora so your workload shouldn’t increase.

Providing consistent levels of support to your end-users can prove challenging, especially when you encounter long recruitment processes, long-term absences and the occasional skills gap.

Our flexible on-site support is designed to provide an experienced and qualified 1st line IT professional(s). They will work at your offices – filling any IT support disparities and providing temporary access to a variety of skills. Each individual is screened, interviewed and managed by our team, providing instant access to extra IT resource and skills when needed

  • Selection search and technical testing
  • Pre-employment screening & background checks
  • Interviews by IT professionals to ensure skill-set fit
  • KPI based performance management, development & training
  • Regular service reviews, remediation work and continuous improvement

There are three components of IT managed services:
1. End user support
2. IT infrastructure support
3. A combination of both

Your business may need to use a combination to balance support coverage and budget. Don’t get too hung up with the terms managed services and outsourcing. Focus on the service you need rather than whether it’s labelled an outsourced solution or a managed service.

Choosing managed services does not automatically guarantee notable cost savings – but the return on investment may be greater than it first seems because:
• They can deliver savings for your current state but will provide even more when looking at your desired state
• They provide a risk-free platform and remove the need for “lumpy” increases in your opex or capex
• They enable you to focus you and your team on core business challenges
• An effective MSP can help you transform your IT platform and routines

There are hundreds of managed services providers, each with their own slightly different offering. Make sure that you define what you  actually want from an MSP before you start searching for a partner.

If you’re moving providers, make sure you understand why that change has to be made. And if you’ve outgrown your existing partner, don’t forget to include further growth when building your business case.

Our service management process explained

Service transition

Following our simple tried and tested methodology, your dedicated project manager will transition your end-user support to us, smoothly, efficiently and on time.

Service delivery

During core business hours, your users will be allocated to a dedicated “named” service desk team who will have primary responsibility for service delivery.

Incident management

Our service desk analysts follow industry guidelines for incident management (ITIL) to ensure they provide the best possible care of your end users.

Service reporting

A dedicated Account Director (AD) will provide ongoing management of your account and provide monthly service reports detailing your service performance metrics (KPIs and SLAs).

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