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IT Roadmap

How our IT roadmap review and planning service works

Technology has become the accelerant of modern businesses, helping to drive efficiencies and increase competitive advantage.

Companies that are proactively utilising and successfully implementing technology are seeing real benefits, such as:

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Reduced risk
  3. Reduced costs

Many mid-market organisations deploy technology reactively, because 80% of their time is swallowed up by maintaining business as usual, making it harder to keep ahead of competitors and market forces.

Our roadmap review and planning service helps our clients create a digital transformation roadmap, approved and supported by accredited IT professionals, that’s in-line with their business objectives.

Our team of IT consultants will work with your internal team to take a complete view of your company and its current IT environment. They’ll take time to understand your business objectives and will make recommendations for future IT implementations.

They typically concentrate on IT future proofing but will also review the efficiency and performance of your current infrastructure and estate. This process will not only support the future objectives of your organisation, it will also help you to achieve optimum results from your IT team, focus the IT budget and drive efficiencies.

IT managed services are an incredibly valuable, but often misunderstood, option for helping your organisation reach its strategic IT goals. When deployed correctly, you stand to make savings in terms of time, resources and money.

But to realise the maximum available benefits you need to comprehend the many different delivery models used by managed services providers – and how they fit your own operating models and processes. And you need to know how to sell the concepts to your senior decision makers – and the rest of your employees.

Managed services are not always an off-the-shelf offering. With flexible delivery models, service levels and coverage options you can build a package to suit your requirements. This guide will help you understand what to expect from an MSP, and outline your part in the equation, so you can be sure of getting the deal your business needs.

End user support  Core components

  • 1st line support

  • Problem resolution

  • Incident management

  • Third party escalation

  • Service request fulfilment

  • User device support

Key benefits of end user IT support

  • Provide scale and flexibility to your business 24/7
  • Enhance end user experience
  • Access expertise, resource and service management tools without the investment
  • Replace variable capital and op-ex with a predictable monthly cost
  • Minimise downtime & increase productivity
  • Improved service reporting and contracted SLAs
  • Read our definitive guide to IT Managed Services for more information.

Key features

  • A combination of the control and stability of permanent staff with the flexibility of contractors
  • Access to a high-quality pool of IT skills and resource
  • Guaranteeing capacity with fully trained staff
  • Access to best practice methodologies
  • Flexible engagement terms & capacity guarantees
  • Develop a long-term partnership, ensuring access to a resource that knows your business, quickly, cost-effectively and when you need it

Service benefits

  • Responsive desk-side support for end-users
  • Reduced wait times for high-value internal team members
  • Help in utilising existing IT assets and technologies within the business
  • In-office resource to help with reallocation and reconfiguration of your office space
  • Reduced risk in critical moments
  • Cost-effective IT support
  • Complete service transparency

Managed Service Desk

Option 1: I want a partner to provide a fully managed service desk for my end-users so I can focus on transformation

If you don’t want internal resources tied up delivering end-user support, you can leverage our fully managed service desk solutions:1

Fully managed remote end-user service desk

Fully managed onsite end-user service desk

  • Dedicated access to our community of over 150 UK based IT professionals
  • Flexible SLAs, ITIL accredited and customer portal access
  • Outsource the management of your existing in-house service desk
  • Reduce transition time and enable innovation focus

Supported Service Desk

Option 2: I want to continue to manage my service desk but I need help maintaining skills and resources

If you’re spending a lot of time finding and maintaining the right resource level and skill sets, you can leverage our flexible IT support services:

Extra IT support at your site

Extra IT support through our service desk

  • Additional 1st line support deployed at your office
  • Or an IT engineer deployed at your office
  • Additional 1st line support located at our offices
  • Using your tools and processes

Business with great IT planning are wonderfull solutions and essential to running their operations efficiently and effectively