CraftBot Pro Plus



Upgraded with:
• glass build plate
• all-metal hotend

Glass build plate


Print beds need to be flat throughout printing to avoid running into errors. Glass has a high modulus of elasticity and is thermally stable. Therefore, it remains flat and will ensure the bed’s leveling remains consistent throughout.

Smooth Finish

Most of the users want the bottom of their prints to be as soft as possible; glass guarantees such a finish, giving a mirror-like, glossy base that cannot be achieved by most bed surfaces.

Thermal Conductivity

There are instances where the build platform needs to be heated to prevent warping and to improve print quality. thermal conductivity means you have a thermally stable platform that will not be affected by sudden rises or drops in temperature.


Durable glass like tempered glass will not easily shatter or crack when exposed to high strains because it is manufactured to be more tolerant.

Scratch Resistance

Beds like acrylic can easily get scratched and become a nuisance when printing. However, tempered glass tends to be scratch resistant and is not susceptible to Abrasion or Chemical damage. 

All-metal hotend

Less filament jam

Fewer parts and connection points make jams less likely and much easier to clear.

Better printing quality

Thanks to the inclusion of an all metal hotend, craftbot is able to print in exceptional quality. This makes it perfect to also print in more specialist materials, like wood and brass filaments.

Improved cooling system

All-metal hotends have active cooling in order to isolate the melt zone. A smaller, more controlled melt zone provides cleaner retractions and less oozing for better print quality.

Monitoring System

The filament monitoring system (FMS) supervises filament consumption, starts immediate troubleshooting when a filament jam is detected and messages the user in case there’s a need for intervention.

 Great value for money

In 2016, CraftBot was rated “The best budget 3D printer” in the most comprehensive 3D Printer Guide published by 3D Hubs.


CraftBot can be set up for operation without in-depth specialist knowledge.In 2017 and 2018, CraftBot was rated “The best Plug ’N’ Play 3D printer” in 3D Hubs’ annual guide.

 „THE Tank”

That’s how users call it as CraftBot is unquestionably a very reliable, lasting 3D printer. It also has a brazed all-steel frame and plexiglass sidewalls for safety printing.

 Print pause & resume

You can pause or resume printing and change the filament any time. Even blackouts are no longer an issue!

 Printing accuracy

CraftBot Plus Pro is capable of 50 micron/layer resolution (with 0.25 mm nozzle) providing excellent print quality.

 Color LCD touchscreen

CraftBot has an easy to use interface that children can quickly learn to use. Users are in full control of the printing process and get constant feedback.


Universal, advanced 3D printer software with a user-friendly graphical interface. Its advanced slicing algorithm ensures faster conversions and better results.

 Heatable & removable build platform

Heating prevents warping and sticking. Removable build platform is easier to clean.