Annual Maintenance Contracts

Starting with technical service, we develop the world class methodology on professional services with our localized pricing. Our Standard deployment services cover project management, technical deployment for software and hardware, apply best practices configuration, comprehensive user acceptance test plan, knowledge transfer and customized documentation.

Benefits of Maintenance Contracts:

Total support at a fixed price with no surprises 
One price covers the cost of parts* and labour for a defined period.

Quick Response 
Priority service for maintenance customers. Our 24/7 response options guarantee a prompt service and reduce downtime.

On Site Service and Repair 
Avoid the hassle and inconvenience of bringing the broken-down hardware to a workshop.

No Hourly Labour Charges 
A simplified pricing system incorporated in one standing charge eliminates expensive hourly charges.

Preventative Maintenance 
Delivers regular care for your hardware investment – reduces the frequency of breakdowns and improves performance.

Telephone hotline for advice 
Eliminates unnecessary downtime due to easily resolved technical problems.

Replacement equipment 
For some hardware such as printers, if it cannot be repaired within a 24 hour period we will eliminate the frustration and loss of revenue by providing you with a replacement for the duration of repair.

Experienced Professional Technicians 
Solve the problem causing minimum inconvenience to your business.

Personalised Contracts 
A maintenance contract is drawn up for each individual customer to meet their specific requirements.

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