IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Make IT is Simple , Dedicated, 

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Benefits of IT Outsourcing to us

  • Leave non-core business to the industry professional
  • More profitable use of valuable in-house IT talent
  • Reduce IT overhead cost
  • Reduce capital expense
  • Improve IT performance and reliability
  • Achieve business continuity by avoiding transition hassle
  • Reduce staffing headache
  • Leverage on extensive management and experience
  • Access to pool of expertise
  • Better cost-efficiencies and improved practices  
  • Assure service quality
  • IT audit  for continuous improvement

SYS NETWORKS  Outsourcing is a contracted IT outsourcing service with very stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirement. It includes user, application, end-point devices & critical system support and helpdesk Service. It supports hardware and software issues. Depending on customer needs, the coverage comprises of endpoint devices, printers, applications to critical servers and network.

It includes scheduled on-site support & management by dedicated on-site outsourced engineer(s) with level 2 & level 3 service escalation to backend expertise.

SYS CARE Outsourcing provides a SLA-based service provided dedicated resident engineers supported by backend specialist team with various specialization and managed by experience management team. With this, it allows you to focus on their core business, shifts focus from managing resources to managing result.