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Whether you are looking to enhance your end user experience, add scale to your business, reduce business downtime, or modernise your IT platform, we can help.

Award winning IT managed services and business software partner

IT ONE deliver innovative managed services, advisory services, business software and cloud solutions to mid-market organisations with 20-100 employees. More than 100 clients trust us to take responsibility for part, or all, of their business IT from the design and build of complex solutions to the day-to-day management of services. Trust IT One to deliver within budget, security and compliance parameters, so you can maintain focus on your wider business goals.

Our simple onboarding process

We recognise that making the decision to hand over all or part of your IT operations to a third party is a significant one and a smooth transition is key to the success of the ongoing partnership. With Acora, you’re in safe hands. Our tried and tested methodology is built on years of experience.

Following the five simple steps outlined below, we will transition all or part of your IT service from you or your current supplier to us, smoothly, efficiently and on time.

Step 1

Project Inititiation

We appoint a dedicated transition manager, establish the transition plan and agree the transition success criteria and implementation approach.


Step 2

Knowledge Transfer

We capture, and share knowledge held by existing suppliers and internal teams. We outline the roles and responsibilities of each party in the process.


Step 3


We capture information relating to the agreement, deployment and configuration of the toolsets to support the managed service.


Step 4

Interim Support

We take responsibility from the current supplier or client for services in a phased approach to mitigate any potential impact on business as usual.


Step 5


Following the “service commencement date” we contractually take responsibility for the delivery of all in-scope services.


Are you looking to switch to a new IT outsourcing provider?

If you’re considering moving from your existing IT service provider to a new one then you will want to understand the potential challenges and risks that this might involve.

We recommend the above simple process to make sure you carefully examine the reasons you want to move away from your current provider and ensure you end up with the right new partner for your business.

Poor service from your partner and consistent failure in meeting their SLAs is an obvious reason. A belief that you are not getting value for money is another.

The main reasons organisations are unhappy with their current provider are:

  • Price
  • Service/technology requirements
  • SLAs not being met
  • No 24/7 support
  • Outsourcing provider is too big or too small
  • Inadequate innovation/productivity
  • Inability to solve any additional business issues

It’s important you measure your current provider in terms of their ability to meet your present and future needs.

Can your current provider deliver 24/7 IT support?

You may have acquired or considering acquiring another business and may need round the clock service to support international markets.

Can they help drive innovation?

It’s quite common for businesses to outgrow their service provider.  As your business has grown, you may be finding that your partner is not keeping pace.

24/7 support, service quality and maturity and changing technology needs  may now be more important drivers for outsourcing than simple cost reduction. Judge whether your current provider has the relevant expertise and technical ability to help drive innovation.

Finally, consider whether you might get a much closer relationship by working with a smaller partner.

Understand the risks, costs and the level and nature of the likely disruption, and weigh that against the benefits of the transition.

Evaluate the additional value that the new supplier could provide and the additional risks in changing suppliers in terms of business disruption

In addition, the outsourcing deal you signed may limit your right to solicit and re-hire provider personnel or make it difficult for the new provider’s employees to shadow or conduct other knowledge transfer work with the incumbent’s people.

Having made the decision to move to a new IT services provider, success will depend on your selecting the right replacement and assessing their ability to transition and embed their service within your given timeframe.

At this stage, you may not want to risk moving an all-encompassing IT services deal from one vendor to another and consider a partial transfer of outsourced functions resulting in a multi-provider environment. Coordinating multiple providers takes time and effort so you will need to factor that in.

We are very experienced at managing transitions. Our first step is to hold knowledge transfer sessions with key stakeholders to get to know the business inside out.  We undertake a thorough examination of the processes, technologies, infrastructure and skills required to sustain the new environment. We then deliver a strong plan for transition of systems and assign a dedicated project management team to the task.

This ensures we are able to provide a seamless continuation of the service from go live.

Due to market pressure and the potential benefits gained, the majority of companies consider this investment value for money, however many find themselves struggling to make time for transformation of projects. 

On average, 80% of the IT departments time and budget is spent on operational IT, leaving only 20% for strategic projects. This has led to companies choosing to work with IT service providers, like IT ONE, to help them transform.

In response to our clients requirements we have developed a framework, which covers all aspects of business technology and a clear view of what a robust and flexible IT environment looks like. It’s called the IT ONE  Trusted Digital Framework and it’s objective is to help our clients compete and win in the digital economy era


How we can help?

We’ve supported IT leaders in mid-market companies for over 25 years’ and we know that their core dilemma is that despite the market digitally transforming around them, 80% of their time & budget is swallowed up by operational IT. Leaving only 20% for strategic changes.

IT One  offers a range of enterprise-class IT services designed specifically to complement our customers’ capabilities, to increase their IT effectiveness today and to provide them with a competitive digital platform for the future.


How we support your digital transformation journey:

  1. We free up time for you​ – Securely transition & manage your current operational IT activities.
  2. We help you digitally transform​ – Understand your specific transformation journey and assemble the right mix of technologies and services to build your competitive digital platform.
  3. We deliver value to you​ – Delivery of ongoing value, allowing your business to succeed in the digital economy.

We do this using the IT One Trusted Digital Framework.