Magnetic Tape Storage Cases

LTO & 3592 Data Tape Cases

Magnetic Tape Storage Cases

Magnetic tape is one of the most versatile and adaptable data storage solutions. Incorrectly considered outdated by some, magnetic tape’s staying power lies in its ability to hold incredible amounts of data. A single LTO-8 cartridge can hold up to 12 terabytes of raw data, so you want to ensure its safety and the safety of others like it. For unparalleled protection, pick up a magnetic tape storage case from Turtle Case. Our backup tape carrying cases allow you to safely transport and store your magnetic tapes, ensuring you won’t have to worry about damage or data loss. Turtle Cases are specifically designed to protect against these 3 critical enemies to data integrity:

  • Damage from wound-in debris
  • Damage from shock or vibration
  • Damage from extremes and quick changes in temperature and humidity

Keep your information safe with a magnetic tape storage case today!

LTO Tape Case Collection Data Sheet

3592 Tape Case Collection Data Sheet

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