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Website Design Tips

Web design or website design is essentially the creation of content that can be hosted on the web for the purpose of reaching out to users or customers through the world wide web. Website design may involve several aspects such as textual content, design and layout, keyword optimization, graphics, coding language and customer requirements such business to business or business to customer, to name a few. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

The primary focus of web design is to create several digital files containing all the content required and post them onto the web through web servers. Content may passive or interactive. Flash media is an example of the latter. Website design may also incorporate audio and video files into the interface. Normally, the web design work requires specialists to be effective especially for commercial websites. As such, the concept of website design company has become quite popular with a number of them sprouting all over the world promising best-in-class website design. The popular coding employed in web design are HTML, XML and CSS though there are several more that are utilized based on requirements of customers and purpose of proposed websites.

An important distinction in website design is static and dynamic content. Static content is designed to stay unchanged despite multiple views by end users. In contrast, dynamic content is meant to change with end users mostly dictating the changes. As discussed earlier, a website design company may deploy various technologies when designing websites like animation, human computer interaction, graphic design, search engine optimization or SEO, authoring, interaction design, photography, multimedia and marketing. Databases are usually embedded especially for eCommerce websites. Common languages include, among others, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, mYSQL, PostgreSQL, Flash and Silverlight.

When opting for website design, a few key points need to be kept in mind.

1. Understanding your Audience:-
Understand customers being targeted, purpose, demographics, outcomes expected and behavior patterns.

2. Flexibility of Website:-
Focus on W3C compliance. This will mean that site will usually work well in multiple

3. browsers. Simplicity:-
Simplicity is equal to more page hits, quicker understanding, faster design and easy loading of website.

4. Aesthetic:-
Your website design should look pleasing. This doesn’t mean bunching all kinds of multimedia onto it.

5. Search Engine Optimization:-
The whole point of website design is to attract traffic. Volumes will not surge if you don’t optimize your website for search engines. SEO is a good thing to do.

6. Look and Layout:-
Focus on the look and layout which will vary based on customers’ needs. A website designed for kids will have a different design from one that is designed for a corporate.

7. Content:-
Develop the website content which included mostly textual content which is the crux of the site. Ensure typography is accurate. Check how the other content like images, multimedia, etc., are gelling into the webpages.

Overall, these should help you when you are planning to design some websites of your own.