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Website Design – Keep It Sweet and Simple

Simplistically put, website design focuses on churning out electronic files that contain the necessary content required by customers and then posts onto an identified web location using servers and the world-wide-web.

Unlike popular perception, website design or web design is not necessarily only for professionals. Those who are newbies or amateurs can also try their hands at it and with enough experience and knowledge-base can come out trumps. Remember, even the leading professionals of today started out groping their hands when they were new to the field.

The content of websites is broadly categorized into static and dynamic content with the former remaining unchanged whereas the latter changes often, primarily from customer inputs. When a website design company designs a website, several elements go into it apart from textual content and coding that spans images, multimedia, interactive media, graphics, web applications, animation, authoring, human computer interaction, photography and marketing.

Website design incorporates many components. One of the most predominant elements of web design is textual content. This is what communicates with customers most of the time. The coding of the website is next in the line-up and determines many a time how webpages will respond in various browsers and handheld devices. Search engine optimization is equally vital to websites to ensure they draw in volume and traffic. Both are paramount for websites. Significantly website design hinges on understanding needs of customers and catering to the same. If this aspect is not addressed, its purpose may be defeated.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing websites:-

Loading Time:-
A fantastic website can several times be a drag on customers if it takes forever to load or even worse, if the customer base is mostly on dial-up connections. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the web design for fast loading times. Focusing more on textual content and lowering graphical and multimedia elements that slow down the website might be a good idea.

Customers have different preferences and it reflects first in the screen resolution. Any website design company would do good to keep this in mind and design their webpages accordingly. One simple tip that website designers usually follow in web design is using percentages rather than pixels.

Simple Navigation:-
Make sure the navigation system is simple, effective, consistent and user-friendly on customers who visit your websites. The navigation menus should be consistent on different pages and should not keep changing often. This will retain customers on the site rather than frustrating them so that they leave it.

Website design should be flexible and should essentially generate similar results when opened in various browsers such Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Regularly test your website to fix and troubleshoot any issues. The common issue on websites is broken links.

A website design that reflects simplicity blends elements such as images, text, etc., appropriately is likely to attract more page hits and also convey a neat and clean design.

Importantly, don’t underestimate the customer and have an open eye and ear to feedback since this is the best method to polish your website design.