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Intrusion Prevention System    Maximum security against emerging threats
Cyberoam Intrusion Prevention System protects against network and application-level attacks, securing organizations against intrusion attempts, malware, Trojans, DoS and DDoS attacks, malicious code transmission, backdoor activity and blended threats.

Cyberoam’s signature-based Intrusion Prevention System carries thousands of automatically updated signatures, enabling protection against the latest vulnerabilities.

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Feature Feature Description Benefit
Multiple Protocol Support
HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, P2P, IM support
Automatically detects, blocks, drops suspicious traffic
Security against network, application and human layer attacks
IPS Policy Tuner
Layer 8 Identity-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) policies customizable to identity and work profile
Identity-based alerts
Role-based access to users and groups
Minimizes noise related to false positive alerts, traffic latency and improved performance
Signature Updation
Regular updates by the Cyberoam Internet Threat Response Team
Customized signatures by organizations
HTTP Proxy signatures
Protection against latest vulnerabilities
Zero-hour protection during an outbreak prevents user masking through anonymous proxies
Centralized Security
Centralized custom signature creation and implementation at remote offices with CCC
Zero-hour protection for distributed networks
Simplified security with lower cost of operations
Logging & Reporting
Human Layer-8 Identity-based logging and reporting with username, source, destination, period of activity
Dashboard, Top alerts, attackers and victims with severity of attacks
Centralized logging reporting with Cyberoam iView and CCC
Meets compliance requirements for CIPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS
Meets requirements of forensic analysis
Rapid corrective action with high security
Offers single, per-appliance subscription as opposed to per-user subscription
Comprehensive yet cost-effective security