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Instant Messaging Archiving & Controls    Making the public IM private
Cyberoam’s IM Archiving and Control limits communication and file transfer over IM, preventing data leakage, phishing, malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, botnets and other malicious attacks.

Cyberoam’s Instant Messaging Controls implement Layer 8 Identity-based policies to control access to IM applications like Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. It offers granular logs and reports, providing visibility and archiving facility that meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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Feature Feature Description Benefit
Layer 8 Identity-based Policies
Controls who chats with whom through whitelists and blacklists
Blocks chat conversations
Sets rules to prevent users from chatting with specific users or domains
Enhances security and productivity
Converts unsecured public IM akin to secure private IM
Controls File Transfer, Voice, Video Chat
Identity- and group-based policies to control:
  - File transfer
  - Voice chat
  - Video chat
Prevents malware entry, viruses, worms
Filters Conversations
Keyword-based chat filtering, Eg. Social Security and Credit Card Numbers, etc.
Data Leakage Prevention
Ensures safe chatting in schools and libraries, meeting CIPA requirements
Application Security
Enables virus scanning over IM
Enhances Application Security
IM Archiving and Reporting
Archives IM activity
Layer 8 Identity-based logs and reports for audit and forensics
Reports based on time, users, keywords used in chat
Custom alerts
Choice of report availability with on-appliance reporting, centralized reporting over CCC and Cyberoam iView
Helps meet regulatory compliance requirements