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Application Security   Take security beyond ports and protocols
Cyberoam delivers comprehensive Application Security against malware, intrusions and data leakage. It controls unauthorized application usage while supporting business-critical applications, secure collaboration, Cloud and SaaS adoption.

With industry leading Gateway Anti-Spam and Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solutions, Cyberoam protects organizations against data, compliance, productivity and financial risks. Cyberoam Gateway Anti-Spam offers 99% accuracy and a less than .0001% false positive rate, eliminating the risk of critical business mail loss.

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Key Highlights

Application Visibility & Control – Cyberoam’s Layer 7 capabilities identify and control applications which use standard Port 80, 443, non-standard ports, port hopping or tunnel through encrypted SSL traffic. Cyberoam implements application-based Bandwidth Management, accelerating critical applications while blocking malware-laden sites through Web Filtering. Organizations can group applications as per their requirements into business-critical, entertainment, communication, collaboration and control access through Firewall policies.

Applications QoS — Cyberoam allows the creation of Firewall rules based on Application-User-Time-Bandwidth, ensuring assured bandwidth for business-critical applications and minimizing the peaks and troughs of bandwidth consumption.

Instant Messaging Controls — Cyberoam scans, logs and controls access to Instant Messaging applications like Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. Organizations can implement Layer 8 Identity-based controls by username or IM address over:

  • Access to IM applications
  • Audio-video chat
  • Conversations based on keywords
  • File transfer
Data Leakage Prevention – Cyberoam’s Application Visibility & Control can block file transfer over webmails like Gmail and Yahoo, file sharing via P2P applications in addition to the above IM controls, preventing data leakage and helping organizations meet the requirements of regulatory compliance.

Application Security — Cyberoam Firewall blocks games and tunneling software that result in malware entry. Cyberoam scans FTP and encrypted HTTPS / SSL traffic in addition to guarding against web application vulnerabilities which are exploited to launch backdoor, zero-hour attacks. It blocks anomalous traffic through its extensive and constantly updated database of IPS signatures.